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Tips for Talking with Dentures

Tips for Talking with Dentures

If you're new to wearing dentures you may find that speaking isn’t quite as easy with a dental appliance in your mouth. Here are a few tips from our Delta dentists on how to help yourself get better at talking with your dentures in.

Whether your dentures are removable or permanent, until you become accustomed to your new teeth talking can feel pretty awkward.

Even if you wear the best dentures available, you could still experiences changes or difficulties in your speech. For example, you might have trouble pronouncing S’s and F’s, your dentures might make clicking noises, or even shift while you’re talking.

The good news is that you’ll get used to your dentures over time, and you’ll eventually go back to feeling perfectly comfortable when talking.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful tips to make things go more smoothly:

Dentures alter the anatomy of your oral cavity, which can increase or alter the sound of your voice. When you talked before you had dentures, vibrations travelled through the bones of your jaw and skull, but now with the dentures in place, that’s bound to sound a bit different. Try to remember that the difference is much more noticeable to you than to anyone hearing your voice from the outside.

If you hear clicking sounds when you speak, try talking a more slowly. This will help to prevent additional movements that lift or shift your lower denture. Keeping the lower denture stable requires help from the muscles in your lips, tongue, and cheeks, and this will take a bit of practice to master.

Before you begin speaking, bite down gently and swallow to help to keep your dentures in their proper position.

If your dentures slip out of place frequently you can use a denture adhesive, as recommended by your dentist.

Practice speaking when you’re alone. Read out loud to yourself or someone you love. Repeat words that you have trouble pronouncing, or even talk to your pets. Daily practice will help you speak with confidence.

If you have questions about talking with dentures, feel free to contact our Delta dentists today to book a consultation.

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