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Intra Oral Camera

An Intra oral camera fits comfortably inside your mouth. These tiny cameras allow your dentist to obtain high-resolution images of the state of your oral health.

When is an intra oral camera used?

An intra oral camera is a really useful chairside tool. It lets the patient actively participate in the oral health care process, showing what's going on in real time. 

The camera also helps the dentist by providing clear, detailed images of the mouth that can be saved directly to the patient's file with a click of a button.

It also gives our dental team accurate before and after pictures of dental restorations, and exposes the details of a damaged tooth more accurately.

What are the benefits of an intra oral camera?

Before we had intra oral cameras, dentists would have to show their patients their teeth using a mirror. This was a bit awkward and often left a foggy picture at best. 

Intra oral cameras, however, provide accurate photos of each tooth. 

This means patients can make informed decisions in collaboration with their dentist, and develop a treatment plan together.

Intra Oral Camera, Ladner Dentist

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