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Should I try charcoal toothpaste?

One big question that we are commonly asked is whether or not our patients should be using charcoal toothpaste. Here, our Delta dentists discuss why charcoal toothpaste is not typically recommended and what they suggest to help keep your teeth white.

What is charcoal toothpaste? 

Charcoal can be made from a variety of substances such as peat, coal, or wood. Activated charcoal is made by heating charcoal in the presence of a gas. This process causes the charcoal to develop small internal pores. These pores help activated charcoal trap chemicals, which is why it is often used in attempts to absorb toxins in the stomach.

Recently activated charcoal has become a common additive in many food, beverage, health and beauty products.

One of the claims for activated charcoal in toothpaste is that it may lift stains and brighten your teeth.

What will activated charcoal do to my teeth?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why most dentists will suggest against using toothpaste that contains activated charcoal, such as the fact that there is no evidence supporting these claims. 

Furthermore, charcoal has an abrasive texture that may cause permanent damage to the enamel of your teeth. Not only can this lead to further staining, but it can also cause more serious problems like cavities and tooth decay.

If you have sensitive teeth you'll especially want to avoid charcoal toothpaste as it has been known to increase tooth sensitivity. 

What are some effective options to whiten my teeth?

The number one way to maintain a white smile is to be consistent with your oral health routine. Regular flossing and brushing with a toothpaste and toothbrush approved by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) are essential. It's also important to schedule regular preventive hygiene appointments at our Delta dental office. 

Another way to maintain a white smile is to limit eating and drinking foods or beverages that can stain your teeth, such as red wine, coffee, dark-coloured beverages, and chocolate. 

If you maintain your oral health but are still looking for a brighter smile, our dentists recommend professional teeth whitening treatments as a way to safely brighten your smile without damaging your teeth. Retail stores also sell bleaching products that are recognized as safe by the CDA. 

Have you been looking for different ways that you can help keep your teeth clean and bright? Our Delta dentists can help offer suggestions on a variety of teeth whitening options. 

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