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What to Expect After Dental Sedation

What to Expect After Dental Sedation

One common concern we hear about is patient anxiety when visiting the dentist. Luckily, there are options available at many dental clinics to help ease your mind and body. Our Delta dentists talk about dental sedation to help you relax and what you can expect when recovering from sedation.

How can dental sedation help you feel more comfortable?

By receiving sedation prior to any dental procedures you may not only feel more relaxed during your visit but also may experience decreased pain. Some of the procedures that dental sedation may be useful for include teeth cleanings, root canals, and endoscopes. Some patients also deal with a fear of pain as well as a sensitive gag reflex and may find dental sedation helpful in easing these concerns.

The dental sedation options available vary from clinic to clinic. Oral sedation is usually administered in liquid or pill form in the time leading up to your dental visit. You may need to take a dose the night before the procedure to alleviate anxiety-related insomnia.

Dental sedation is ideal as it allows you the opportunity to remain conscious so you can communicate with the dentist during your procedure. With sedation, you will be relaxed throughout your appointment while still being alert and responsive allowing you to communicate with the dental team throughout your visit.

Are there any possible side effects of dental sedation?

While you are conscious, you will also feel more at ease and relaxed during your visit. Some patients feel so comfortable that they actually fall asleep during the treatment. This will only be a light sleep and our dental team won't have any issues gently waking you once the service is complete. The effects of dental sedation vary depending on the person taking it, as they do with many medications. Dental sedation side effects are rare but still possible. Some of the possible side effects of dental sedation include:

Oral Sedation

    • Low blood pressure
    • Mild headache 
    • Sluggish reflexes
    • Drowsiness 
    • Amnesia (only for the period you are sedated) 
    • Dry mouth

IV Sedation

    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Watery eyes

Both Oral Sedation & IV Sedation

    • Dry mouth
    • Headaches

These potential side effects are generally fairly mild in severity and should pass within a day or two.

Are there any potential complications with dental sedation?

Dental sedation is typically considered a safe option to help patients relax. Even so, there may be a few considerations that you should keep in mind.

If you are to have dental sedation, your dentists will talk to you about your overall health in order to assess the risk of complications.

For those who suffer from obesity or sleep disorders, you will not be a candidate for dental sedation in order to prevent serious complications. Our dental team will offer other methods of helping you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

While all medical procedures involve some risk, using IV sedation under the supervision of a trained professional is relatively risk-free. Oversedation is the most serious risk, which will be managed by the dental team through careful monitoring. Patients are not left alone while sedated.

If you choose to receive dental sedation you should also be sure that it occurs with a dentist that is fully qualified to offer sedation options.

What can I expect throughout my recovery from dental sedation?

Depending on the type and level of sedation administered by your dentist, you may require one to several hours to recover from the sedation. The dental team will stay with you to help ensure your safety for the entirety of your visit.

Your dentist will inform you if you will require a ride to and from your appointment. We recommend that you take the day off, refrain from operating heavy machinery, and avoid physical activity while the sedative wears off. These side effects should only last up to 24 hours after which you will be able to return to your regular activities.

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